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Cosmo Spring.
Named assuming an early phase of our universe .

A short story ...

I sometimes have thought about how to reduce the ' existence ' –
how we can know it – to the most simple and basic or elementary ' things ' possible ,
and the idea was about ' mass , time and infinity ' ...

I know it is a think-different , because each life thinks different at a differing time .
Ask a chinese or somebody else about the ' elements of existence ' ...
A rainworm might say earth as food and water or what so ever if it could talk .

In former times I thought about the ' elements ' water , fire, earth and air ,
which later gave birth to the idea that it would be more like earth , water , air and light
as particles at differing aggregate ' fluidity ' .
Not for nothing we use to say ' taking a sun bath ' ;)-
meaning the character of a warm water bath in the first place .
The so called elements also might derive from drinking water , feeling fire , standing on
and being fed by earth while breathing air .

Which later went me to think about the cosmo spring ...